Sunday, April 3, 2011

Windy Landscape

I grabbed an old sketch book and saw a surface I could paint on. I didn't prime it. It took the paint well. I'm sure these paintings have a shelf life. For now it's beautiful. I know that painting on unprimed surfaces is an artistic sin. I promise to make an act of contrition.

I used white, cad lemon yellow, alizarin crimson, ult blue and burnt umber.


  1. Love the energy in the brushstrokes and the tonal composition.

  2. Hi Lisa, Thank you so much. The idea started with the oval that tied together the foreground with the midground. Once I got that just right, it painted itself.

  3. Nice work Greg. All of your studies have given way to you being able to visualize a landscape without being there! The limited palate gives this a refined look. It's interesting that those are all cool version of the color except the umber.

  4. Jeremy that is very perceptive about the warm umber and the cool colors. Temperatures are so much about relativity. Although I use mostly cool colors, the painting itself is actually warm. The ground colors are relatively warm in comparison to the sky. If I warmed up the sky a bit the colors that would speak loudest on the ground would be the cool notes.
    It's a fun game to play with temperature and color. I am only just now discovering the posibilities.
    Thanks for checking it out.