Sunday, March 13, 2011

Notebook Sketches 12

I highly recomend a composition book that school children use to paint in. It's portable and durable and I hope that I have conclusively proven that it is suitable for water sketches.
I use a Cotman watercolor travel kit and replaced the colors with the good colors. Maybe I'll do a post on my supplies.
Till then,


  1. I love your sketches...good idea using the composition book :)

  2. Thank you Amanda. One day I needed something to sketch in and I just grabbed it. I've been using them ever since.

  3. I really enjoy looking at these studies. When I first saw the pearl study I thought it was real pearls photographed with painted ones, you've got the colouring and shadow so well. The third one down looks like the heath where I went walking this weekend, spring colouring starting against the winter ones.

  4. Thank you Lisa. These studies are so fun to create and play with and I wish that I could make a career of doing just studies but I really cant wait to put these on larger canvases.
    So happy that they speak to you.