Friday, March 4, 2011


I did this oil the other day when it was warm out. I cant wait for it to warm up more so I can use my oils.

I used white, burnt umber, lemon yellow and ultramarine for this painting and that's it. It makes for a nice limited palette that is able to exploit temperature variations.



  1. That's a beautifully golden sunrise, GB. I almost looks like you're working on copper...I love it, as usual!

  2. What a lovely, glowing painting using only three colors!

  3. Lovely painting it really is mysterious and special.

  4. Thank you Caroline Bray, Janelle,Caroline and Jeremy.
    The range of color from that limited palette is anything but limited. For instance, if you mix the burnt umber and ultramarine, you get a nice black that really isn't a typical blue black. From there you can shift it warm or cool. Then, if you bring the blacks out of the depths with white you get warm and cool grays. The same thing happens with yellow bringing the blacks out of the depths, you get warm and cool greens.
    This is the really interesting part.
    White naturally moves blue along a cool string and yellow naturally moves the umber along a warm string.
    If you make thes mixtures on your palette just for fun, it wont be long before you're franticly looking for a canvas.
    Have fun...