Monday, September 27, 2010

Watercolor Landscape

This is a watercolor I did last night.
George Inness is the best friend I never met.


  1. Do you have the size of the painting Gregory and the paper it was painted on. The sky looks interesting I am not sure if the paper you are using is coloured or perhaps a pastel paper. Did you lift the colour out of the sky. There are some lovely effects in the painting and the tree is beautiful. Great atmosphere. I hope to be painting some trees soon it is never easy to create a simple tree within an atmospheric scene.

  2. Hi Caroline, the size of the painting is 7"x9".
    The paper is Arches hot press 140#.
    After creating the sky with lemon yellow and burnt umber and lifting I then moved onto the land portion using a full palette while allowing a burgundy color to dominate the trees.
    While the paper is damp I touch the paper with color and allow a response to occur. It is more like watching it appear. Good to have a clear picture in your head at this point or at least an idea. I also mass in the ground plane pushing back and forth until brush stokes take over. When I feel I am getting close to my image I allow it to dry somewhat to the point of a slight dampness in areas and dry in some areas. Then I use water to paint the trunk and branches that I want. I dont lift yet I give it about 20 seconds then I lift and wipe until the lights appear. Then I re establish any dark accents and let the whole thing dry.
    The burgundy is made with sepia and cad red.
    Sepia is a great dark and mixes very well with other colors to create some lovely subtleties in tone.
    You may want to consider a watercolor medium that allows your colors to resond with equality to each other. I think that those trees you want to paint would be much easier.
    Thanks for taking a look.

  3. Lovely work, Gregory. I enjoyed reading about your process as well. Part of the strength in this piece for me is that sense of intuitive exploration coming through.

  4. Thank you so much Brian. Intuitive exploration was definitely the name of the game for this one.

  5. Thank you Gregory, I am very surprised to read that you are using hot press paper for your atmospheric landscape. I have been using that paper for my flower painting and it is interesting to note that different brands of paper will take water better than others.

  6. That is so true. Finding the paper that lends itself best to your ideas is half the battle