Thursday, September 23, 2010

Color/Study Comps

These little color/study comps are done mostly on the leftover strps of paper from a larger piece of arches paper. Arches tends to waste valuable surface area with the insistence of having the Arches name on not one corner but two corners of the paper. So after I cut away these areas I save the strips for these little paintings. You could probably line up 3 quarters and cover these paintings entirely. That should give you an idea of the size. They are fun to do simply out of boredom. But, once you start playing with them the boredom vanishes.
These little paintings are something I will probably never part with. The subtleties captured in them are inspirational to me.
No rules applied just intuition.
Here you can see part of the word aquareles in the tree to the left. Arches, if you're reading this, that imprint is annoying. lol. It really is.
How could I ever part with these?
Let me just be quiet. HA! the sun is square and it still looks beautiful.
I can feel the warmth. Opps I said I would be quiet.
I could never paint this on location. For me it has to be done from memory.

Autumn is here. I have to try and capture some of that.
Enjoy Friends


  1. These are fantastic, Gregory! So great to see the playful artist in you, squeezing every last drop of art out of your hand with these small studies and sketches. I've really enjoyed looking at them, esp. the square but beautiful sun and the third one down which looks like a forest. Three cheers for intuition, the breaker of all rules ;)

  2. Caroline I could do these all day and never get bored. I'm glad you enjoyed these. I have a bunch of these somewhere. You know how it is, stuff ends up everywhere.

  3. Hi Gregory, You memory work is beautiful and with soul. It's probably the hardest thing to do, but the only thing that really gets to the essence. Are they watercolor?

  4. Hi Loriann, yes they are watercolor. I am on the biggest watercolor kick ever and having the time of my life. Thanks for taking a look.