Sunday, July 12, 2009

Northville Day 3

This was interesting. I arrived at 4:00 P.M. and worked for 2 hours. That's when the attention starved kids showed up and started throwing branches in the stream right between the rocks I was drawing. It's about 2 feet of water here and I wasn't going in so I had to finish. I was a little ticked off by it. They knew I was drawing these rocks and did it anyway.
I decided to highlight the water with a gel pen again. I was much bolder this time.
If any of you bloggers go out to do pleine aire drawing, I highly recommend taking a white gel pen. This is now an indispensible tool in my kit. I think it was only a dollar.
BTW I did this drawing on scrap booking card stock and it is laid paper so it has a slight cross weave texture you may be able to see it.
I have been following Sadie Jernigan Valeri's blog posts on the Hudson River School Fellowship that she is a part of and her work looks splendid and I can't wait to see what all of her work turns into.
You can also look up Hudson River School Fellowship and see some great work.
Oh well, I'm off to bed.


  1. That gel pen has a very interesting look to it. I think it really helped in creating an obvious but not overdone focal point.

    I don't draw much on toned paper, put I will have to give it a try with the white pen.

  2. By the way, do you have the specifics on that type of paper? Can I just walk into any craft store to get some? I think I may want to try it out.

  3. You can get this paper in the scrapbook section of a craft store. It comes in many different values as well. I choose toned paper based on a ten value scale. My choice is a 4 if 1 is pure light.
    The reason I do that is because you can decrease the amount of value work that you have to do.
    Craft paper isn't my first choice. I use Canson recycled paper sketchbook. The flaws in the paper can sometimes create interesting results. That paper is also a 4 in value.
    The gel pen is a probably a pilot but here is the info on the label...
    Y&C Gel Xtreme GX101W
    I hope that helps.
    If you want to lower the intensity of the white as you're applying it just lightly touch with your finger.
    Talk to you soon.
    Btw are you working on anything currently?

  4. Thanks Greg!

    Lately, I have been working on getting ready for our baby (only 5 weeks away), so I haven't been as productive at my art. I have managed to start building a pochade box and do some figure studies though. What I really need to do is get back on that glass bottle still life I started last week. Thanks for asking!

    By the way, be sure to submit something to Stapleton's critique - his comments have been invaluable to me.

  5. Yes, I think I will. I will do something new for it. He is a good friend to artists. I mean that. He cares about art and the people who pursue the passion of it.
    Your building a pochade box? What is the cost of that?
    A baby, how exciting is that? Do you know what you're having? Fatherhood is the single greatest learning expeience of all time.
    I'm happy for you.

  6. I bought the plans for the pochade box at

    I got the titanium easel plans for $15, and the materials for just under $50. That is a lot cheaper than the $300 that most other boxes go for. This one has a nice configuration too.

    As for our baby, we don't know the gender yet. My wife wanted to be surprised. Just a few more weeks and I will let you know. ;)

  7. Hello, Gregory, came to your blog via Sadie's blog. Nice - I can tell you love what you do, comes through wonderfully, not forced but easy and simply perfect. Best wishes.