Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Watercolor Postcard

This is a copy of a Paul Lasaine painting. His was done in acrylic. I did mine in watercolor. Mine is painted on a blank postcard. All I need now is a stamp. Maybe I'll mail it to Paul. That would be hysterical.


  1. Hi Gregory,

    This postcard is great.
    It shows a well achieved perspective and realistic colours and textures.
    The water's movement is convincing.



  2. Thank you Jose. I appreciate the comment.

  3. Nice job! You got the same depth and texture as Lasaine, and you can't copy that.

    By the way, the airport is mean to everybody.

  4. LOL Jeremy, you're right the airport is always mean.
    Thanks for your thoughts as well.

  5. Gregory your paintings are great! I really like the quick sketch you did at the airport! shows how much of an artist you are! carrying your sketchbook at your job and willing to draw at any spot is serious devotion! Its good to see that!!! Great job again Gregory!

  6. I dont know if my last comment went through, I just wanted to say that your paintings are great and its nice to see an artist devoted to his craft like you are, by carrying your sketchbook everywhere including your job!!! Great job Gregory!!

  7. Thank you Jonathan I try to take it everywhere. It annoys my wife to no end, She tells me it's rude because I slip away and grab a quick sketch. Sometimes I guess it can be. I don't really let it bother me though.

  8. Thats great Gregory, keep it up man because its proof that your work is getting stronger! I love taking my sketchbook everywhere too, its kind of therapeutic, but it makes us better as artist.