Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mermaid Drawing

Here is a Mermaid drawing that I did for someone who wanted a tattoo. Tattoos are ok and everything but everyone I talk to wants a tattoo. Yes, tattoos are fun and all but, I want to do some more classical work.
Anyway, I spent three weeks on it and I made 50 bucks and it was gone the day I finnished it. I hope the person framed it at least. I purposely covered her essentials with fish because I knew it would piss off the person who wanted it. TeHe.
I usually don't venture into figurative work but the idea was good once I got the image in my head. I knew that I didn't want to see the classic J shape that is common in mermaids so I folded her tail behind her and did some fan work to get some movement to the furls of her tail fin.
NO MORE MERMAIDS THOUGH! And that's final! Hmph!

1 comment:

  1. Greg, She is beautiful! Great job! So interesting that it's a tatoo design! Hope you are feeling better...Will look forward to seeing the hammer painting! Go for it!